Replacement ABS Adjustable Desktop Holder Stand for Steam Deck



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Versatile Design: This replacement ABS Adjustable Desktop Holder Stand is custom-built for your Steam Deck. It offers a 360-degree rotating function that enhances your gaming experience by allowing you to adjust the view to the most comfortable angle. With the 90-degree opening angle, you can easily set up your device for optimal viewing or gaming.
Quality Build: Made from high-grade ABS material, this holder stand guarantees durability and longevity. It's tough enough to withstand heavy use while keeping your Steam Deck securely in place. The retractable design ensures it's compact and portable, allowing for easy storage and travel convenience.
Magnetic Attraction: Featuring a magnetically attractive bracket, this holder stand ensures your Steam Deck is securely held in place and easy to detach when needed. This unique feature gives you the confidence to enjoy an immersive gaming experience without worrying about your device slipping or falling.
External Charging Treasure: This stand isn't just about holding your device - it also doubles as an external charging treasure. It's designed to keep the power flowing, so you can play at any time without worrying about your Steam Deck running out of battery.
Flexible and Convenient: Whether you're playing, watching, or browsing, this holder stand accommodates all your needs. The rotating and retracting features offer ultimate flexibility, making it an essential accessory for every Steam Deck owner. Enjoy gaming the way you want it – anywhere, anytime.

Package includes:
1 x Replacement ABS Adjustable Holder Stand
1 x Magnetic Stand

Product Including Packaging Weight: 114g
Product Including Packaging Size: 14.7*11.6*4.5cm

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