Power Light Decal Skin Sticker for PS5 UHD & Digital Edition



  • $2.25

-Personalize your console with colorful power light sticker, make your PS5 outstanding of the crowd.
-Made of high quality adhesive PVC material. Easy to apply and remove without leaving residual glue. No shrinkage, no warpage.
-Perfectly fit with console. Compatible with PS5 Ultra-HD and Digital Edition consoles.

-The sticker is applied to the inside of the console, and the console housing needs to be removed before installation, which may void the warranty.
-Please take time to clean your console of dust and grease before applying the skin sticker, otherwise this will effect the adhesive, and your skin might not stick as well.
-Sticker only NOT light strips.

Package Includes:
1 x Power Light Decal Skin Sticker for PS5 (pair)

Product Including Packaging Weight: 12g
Product Including Packaging Size: 31*20*0.1cm

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