PUBG Mobile Gamepad Trigger Controller with Rapid Fire for Smart Phone - Black/Blue



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With this for PUBG mobile trigger, increase your in-game performance by 4 fingers operating at the same time and say goodbye to finger numbness! Available with four-speed firing rate at 2/4/8/16 shots per second. One click to switch between normal mode and burst mode. Even a sniper can now be used as an assault rifle!

- Four fingers operation: perform moving, angle adjusting, aiming and shooting at the same time with your thumbs and index fingers only!
- Suitable for a variety of shooting games, including for PUBG, for Knives Out, for Rules of Survival, for Survivor Royale, etc. as long as the game allows customizing and dragging the keys.
- Easy to use. Just press and hold the power button to turn on/off. Single click the power button to switch between normal mode and burst mode.
- 4-Level firing rates available - press the function button to switch the burst mode frequency between 2/4/8/16 shots per second. Running M16, SKS, Mini 14, SLR, MK47 as an automatic is insane.
- Trigger button with mechanical axis - ensure speedy and sensitive response. Up to 1.3 million times press life. Gameplay with no delay.
- Equipped with protective rubber pad. Well protect your smart phone screen from scratching and fixed the controller well in place without pressing the device buttons.
- Built-in rechargeable battery. Lasts for 80 hours playing time.
- Palm size. Portable storage. You can carry it wherever you go. Play games anywhere and anytime with no limitations.
- Compatible with all 4.7-6.5 inch mobile phones & other for iOS/Android devices. Mainly suitable for shooting games or other games that allow to be customized and move the key.

NOTE: it may enter sleep mode if no action for 15 minutes. Press any button within 30 minutes to wake up

Package Includes:
1 x for PUBG Mobile Gamepad
1 x USB Charging Cable


Product Including Packaging Weight: 73g
Product Including Packaging Size: 9.5*8.4*3cm

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