Brook NINCADE DIY Kit for NES Mini & Famicom (MM00005700)



  • $32.38

  • It is no longer a dream to play NES games wirelessly.
  • NINCADE let you use PS4/8Bitdo(iCade mode)/iCade/Wii remote/Wii U Pro Wireless Gamepads to play NES Classic Edition and Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer.
  • NINCADE can simulate Nintendo Famicom/NES controller's signal. By the technology, you can use the controller of PS4 / 8Bitdo (iCade mode) / iCade / Wiimote / Wii U Pro wireless gamepad to play on Nintendo FamilCom mini/NES.
  • Better gaming experience, better feel, and the same touched. Compatible controllers: 8Bito Wireless controllers, Nintendo Wii remote, Nintendo WII U PRO, ION Arcade iCade, Sony PS4 Wireless controller.
  • Made by Third Party. Please contact us for installation instruction.

    Package includes:
    1 x NINCADE,
    1 x Screwdriver,
    1 x 6-pin Cable,
    1 x Sided adhesive


Product Including Packaging Weight: 45.3g
Product Including Packaging Size: 12.3*8.1*3.3cm

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