Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii & Wii U (Dual Pack) (W0142)



  • $15.00


- Connect 2 Gamecube Controllers to a Wii or Wii U system
- Built-in Turbo
- Switch the LEFT Stick and POV Directional Button by pressing the button START and B for 3 seconds, and switch back by pressing the button START and A for 3 seconds
- Supports ZL Button
- Compatible with all games supported by the Wii Classic Controller, Wii Classic Controller Pro
- How to Connect? Connect the WIi Remote Conroller (Wii Remote is not included in the packaging) to your Wii or Wii U system, then plug your GC controller to the adapter, and finally connect the adapter to your Wii Remote Controller
- The button A, B, X, Y, L, R and Z can be customized with TURBO
- Supports Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros
- DOES NOT support Wavebird Wireless Controllers

Weight: 32g each
Size: 6.5 x 3.6 x 3 cm each

Product picture is for reference only. Due to different display screen may bring huge color difference to the same picture, please understand there may occur color range difference of the physical product. We don't hold any responsibility to the color difference and will not accept about such related complaint.

Package Includes:
2 x Controller Adapter
1 x Instruction Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 75g
Product Including Packaging Size: 14*4.5*3.6cm

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