Made to Order Lightbar Decal Skin Sticker for PS5 UHD & Digital Edition



  • $2.16

All Decal Sticker Skin are Made to Order (Takes between 5-7 Business Days)

Choose from our our collection of design or create your own PS5 Lightbar Decal Skin

- Send your own Image
- We will Print! Custom PS5 Lightbar Skin

You can send us any image you like and we will turn it into a Decal Skin for you, print it and ship it to your door!

We advise that you try and use a hi res image whenever possible so that the print quality does not drop. We print on a removable vinyl, this stays in place once applied, but is easily removed when you want to change the look, without leaving any sticky residue.

* High quality 3M vinyl lightbar sticker for your PS5 Digital Edition & UHD Edition in a Matte finish
* Super cool designs
* Easy to install
* 100% removable, leaves no stick residue or damage when removed and applied properly

NOTE: Please take time to clean your console of dust and grease before applying the skin, otherwise this will effect the adhesive, and your skin might not stick as well.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to CONTACT US before making a purchase.

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