iPega PG-SW036 Vertical Stand For N-Switch Console And Accessories



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1. This product is suitable for switch game consoles and Joycon & Pro gamepads. It also has switch console heat dissipation. Also Joycon is charged with the original Pro controller, and has the function of storing accessories such as earphones, game cards, pokeballs and wristbands.
2. With charging indicator, it is easy to identify the charging status during the charging process.
3. Equipped with a dedicated contact-type charging adapter, wireless charging. Take it and put it at any time, very convenient to use.
4. Equipped with earphone holder, earphone can be placed for easy access.
5. The cooling fan can cool down and heat the host.
6. Equipped with a game disc rack, which can hold 7 game cards.

Product parameters:

1. Working voltage: DC 4.8-5.5V;
2. Charging current: Joycon <230 mA x4, Pro Controllers: <500mA x2;
3. Joycon charging time: about 3.5 hours
4. Pro Controller charging time: about 4 hours

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