iPega 4 In 1 Thumb Stick Extender & Silicon Caps for Xbox Series S/Series X/Xbox One/S/X (PG-XBX009)



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-Enhanced thumbstick extender and thumb caps specially designed for Xbox Series X/Series S/Xbox One/S/X controllers.
-Easy to install. Simply clip on the thumbstick extenders and thumb caps. No tools are required.
-Thumbstick extenders are available in 2 different height: 11.5mm and 13.5mm, adding extra 5mm & 7mm to the original thumb stick. You can use them individually or in different combinations to fit your needs.
-All thumb caps are made of high quality anti-slip silicone with special patterns. More comfortable and durable to use, bringing a better gaming experience.
-Compatible with Xbox Series X/Series S/Xbox One/S/X controllers. Made by Third Party, not official items.

Package Includes:
4 x Thumbstick Caps (2 pairs)
2 x 11.5mm Thumb Stick Extender
2 x 13.5mm Thumb Stick Extender

Product Including Packaging Weight: 21g
Product Including Packaging Size: 12.0*9.0*1.72cm

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