GuliKit Charging Connector Adapter for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (NS23)



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-GuliKit Charging Connector Adapter is a accessories set for GuliKit Universal Charging Dock. Specially designed for Nintendo Switch Pro controller.
-Connect the Type-C Connector Adapter to the controller and place it on the charging dock for charging.
-Made of durable PVC, which can ensure durability and long life of the charging port.
-Max charging current for single controller is 1A.The adapter can only support charging and does not support audio/video signal transmission or data transmission.

This accessory cannot work alone. Gulikit universal charging dock is NOT included. Compatible with official Switch Pro controller only.

Package Includes:
2 x Type-C Charging Adapter


Product Including Packaging Weight: 10g
Product Including Packaging Size: 5.8*3.9*1.6cm

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