DOBE In-line Controller with Motor Vibration for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED-Blue/Green(TNS-1188)



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The handheld controller is a game handle dedicated to the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED, the game console is directly mounted on the handheld controller to enjoy better gaming feeling. Added mappable back buttons for customization and support TURBO, 6-axis Gyro sensor and double motors vibration, gaming experience will be more interesting!

- Plug and Play: Simply remove the Joy-Con controllers and slide the Switch console into the controller. The connection will be made automatically via the USB-C connector. Calibrate the control sticks and motion sensors to eliminate the drifting.
- Added Four Mappable Back Buttons: Map up to 16 key combinations onto the mappable back buttons. Supports Mapping of A BXY/+/-/L/R/ZL/ZR/D-pad/L3/R3. Also support TURBO and screenshot functions.
- Gyro Sensor & Dual Vibration: Built-in 6-axis motion sensor and dual motors deliver accurate aiming and excellent vibration feedback. Dual analog joysticks and the left D-pad provide smooth movement control.
- Play & Charge: Powered by Switch console. Also features a USB-C port at the bottom which charges your console when you play the game. Please use the original power adapter or standard 15V protocol power charging (not incl.) for recharge.
- Ergonomic Designed: With scientific skid-proof texture design, it's more comfortable to hold now. Feature 4 game card slots to store your favorite games. Built-in kickstand.
- Compatible with Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED, NOT Switch Lite

- It's a wired controller with no Bluetooth and NFC function. Please always set "Setting > Controller and Sensor > Pro Controller Wired Communication" to "ON" and turn off the controller upgrade switch.
- After the Switch game console is directly plugged into the controller, please press A key of the controller to connect to the control; then find out the "Controller and inductor" item in the settings menu and calibrate the "joystick" and "gyroscope inductor" before using it.
-Compatible with games which support Pro controllers only.
-DO NOT support HD rumble, wake up, NFC and IR camera functions.
-Please use the original power adapter or standard 15V protocol power charging (not incl.) for recharge.

Package Includes:
1 x Handheld Controller
1 x User Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 391g
Product Including Packaging Size: 29.5*13.2*5cm

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