DOBE Dual Charging Dock for X-One (S)/X Wireless Controller - Black TYX-532



  • $6.00

DOBE Dual Charging Dock for X-One (S)/X Wireless Controller, two kinds of charging methods:
1. The battery pack is attached to the controller and charged on the charger.
2. The battery pack charged with a USB charging cable for the dock directly.
Make your gaming life never stop.

1.Docking stand for Xbox one Wireless controllers
2.Place and charging up 2 wireless controllers at the same time
3.Charging without remove the battery
4.Charging dock with LED charging indicator

- Input Voltage: DC 5V
- Charging current: 300mA
- Battery pack output voltage: DC 2.4V

Package Includes:
1 x dual-charger
1 x charging cable
2 x battery pack

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