DOBE Controller Replacement with Turbo for Nintendo Switch / Switch OLED Joy Con (TNS-19210D)



  • $20.63


1. Suitable for Nintendo Switch
2. The new TURBO function button, press and hold the TURBO button + function button, you can touch the one-key burst function, and there are two TURBO modes, semi-automatic and fully automatic.
3. Anti-slip and sweat-proof design. The scientific non-slip texture design makes you hold more stable and fight more accurately.
4. Automatic connection, no need to set. The handle is inserted into the Switch console along the slide rail, and the handle is automatically connected to the console.
5. Automatically calibrate the 3D joystick without manual calibration.
6. Self-defined key function programming. The left and right handles are designed with two custom button function programming. It is more convenient to operate the game and increase the sense of game experience.

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