DOBE Controller Grip with Double Motor Vibration for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED-Black (TNS-1125)



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This handheld controller is a dedicated gamepad for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED. The host is directly installed on the handheld controller to enjoy a better gaming experience. With the help of 6-axis gyroscope sensor and dual motor vibration, the gaming experience will become more interesting!

-Plug and play: Just remove the Joy-Con controllers and slide the Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED console into the controller. The connection will be established automatically via the USB-C connector. Calibrate the joystick and motion sensor to eliminate drift.
-Gyro sensor and dual vibration: Built-in 6-axis motion sensor and dual motors provide precise aiming and excellent vibration feedback. Dual analog joysticks and left D-pad provide smooth motion control. Also feature a screenshot button and support handheld controller upgrade.
-Mapping function: Two multi-function buttons at the back can be programmed to replace the other 16 buttons on the front. Support mapping Buttons:(A / B / X / Y / + / - / L / R / D-pad/ L3 / R3).
-Play and charge: Powered by the Switch console. There is also a USB-C port at the bottom to charge the console while you are playing games. You can use the original power adapter or standard 15V PD protocol power supply (not included) to charge.
-Ergonomic design: The non-slip grip allows you to hold it more stable and comfortable. Including 6 thumb cap in different sizes and style. You can make a good choice for your right thumb during the game. Air inlet at the back to enhance heat dissipation.
-Compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED, NOT Switch Lite.

-DO NOT compatible with Switch Lite.
-This is a wired controller without Bluetooth and NFC functions. Please always set "System > Controller & Sensor >"Pro Controller Wired Communication" to "ON".
-To use with Nintendo Switch console, please install the slider and then inset the console to the controller grip.

Package Includes:
1 x Handheld Controller Grip
6 x Thumb Caps (different size and style)
2 x Slider Pad
1 x User Manuel

Product Including Packaging Weight: 370g
Product Including Packaging Size: 31.5*13.1*6.1cm

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