DOBE 2 to 5 USB HUB 3.0 with LED Indicators for PS4 (TP4-810)



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The 5-Port USB Hub consists of 1*USB3.0 and 4*USB2.0 outputs. The USB3.0 port is for flash drive; USB2.0 interfaces are for charging PS4 DualShock 4 controllers, connecting to PS VR headset, steering wheels and other games accessories. It can be a universal USB charger for smartphones. With 5 blue LED indicators show the working status of individual port. Compatible with PS4 console ONLY (NOT PS4 Pro / Slim consoles).

- USB3.0 output port: Ideal for recharging the PS4 controller and connecting USB flashdrive for data transfer.
-USB2.0 output ports: Ideal for connecting other game accessories like VR headset, racing wheel, joystick, etc. It also act as a universal USB charger for smartphones.
- When you plug the device into the USB port, the corresponding indicator will glow.
- Note: for USB2.0 ports, if the connected device is not a communication equipment and for charging only, the indicator will not glow in charging status.

- Plug the PS4 HUB into the USB port of PS4 console correctly.
- Connect the PS4 console power supply.
- Charge PS4 controller directly when you plug it with the USB3.0 port of this product.
- With another accessories via 4 USB2.0 output ports.

IMPORTANT: DOES NOT support external hard drive

Package Includes:
1 x USB HUB for PS4
1 x User Manual

Product Including Packaging Weight: 83g
Product Including Packaging Size: 17*9.5*4.5cm

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