Color Changing Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X-Black(SYXSX-688)



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-Dual RGB Cooling Fan is specially designed for Xbox Series X console. It helps to accelerate internal heat air dissipation and avoid overheating of the console due to excessive gaming time.
-Equipped with colorful RGB LED lights. When the cooling fan is working, the color light will gradually fade out and change to different color, creating an excellent gaming atmosphere.
-Precise cutting design does not affect access to other original ports of the console.
-Easy to install. Just plug the cooling fan into the USB port on the back of the console, then press the switch button to turn it on/off.
-Powered by the game console. No extra power supply is needed.
-Come with an extra USB ports for connecting other USB accessories, adding versatility for any of your gaming needs.
-Compatible with Xbox Series X console only, NOT Xbox Series S/Xbox One/Xbox One X/Xbox One S

-The cooling fan is not temperature sensitive. You must turn it on/off manually.
-It will not work when the game console is powered off or in standby mode.

Package Includes:
1 x Dual RGB Cooling Fan

Product Including Packaging Weight: 141.1g
Product Including Packaging Size: 18.2*11.5*3.2cm

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