Brook Zero-Pi Fighting Board for PS/PS2/PS3/Retro Gaming Emulator (MM0007824)



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Time to build an arcade stick for your Pi!

The ZERO-Pi fighting board supports to be used wired on PS/PS2/PS3/PC(X-Input)/Retro Gaming Emulator. It also supports LED, and turbo function. Full-Compatible with BROOK Fighting Cable. Also compatible with Brook PS3 to PS4 Super Converter (NOT incl.).

- Support PS3 and PC control via USB output
- Support PS2, PSX control via J15 connection
- Support Retro Gaming Emulator
- Console auto-detection
- XINPUT Mode (available when connecting to PC and software that utilizes this controller mode)
- Built-in SOCD cleaner (SOCD mode is forward+back=neutral; cannot be changed)
- 20 pin (2x10) housing for 20-Pin Joystick/Button Harness, future expansion or passthrough to other PCBA
- JST and pin headers available for VCC, player 1-4 LEDs, RS, DP and LS mode, Turbo button, and alternative USB output connector.
- Full-Compatible with BROOK Fighting Cable (NOT incl.)
- Turbo Function
- Support Player LEDs
- Effortless installation
- Upgradable firmware

Recommended Accessories (excl.):
- 20-pin harness
- 5-Pin HitBox Conversion Harness
- Custom Angled 7.5" USB Type A to B Cable
- Female .187" to Male .110" Conversion Wire
- .187 to 5-pin Conversion Harness
- 10" USB Type A to B Cable

Package Includes:
1 X Brook Zero PI Fighting Board


Product Including Packaging Weight: 42g
Product Including Packaging Size: 12.5*8*3cm

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