Brook Wii/Wii U/Nintendo Switch/PS4 Game Controller to Nintendo Switch/PS4/PC (X-Input) Super Converter (ZPPA00G) (FM00007212)



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This amazing product is compatible with your Wii/Wii-U Controller, Wiimote, Taiko Drum, Switch Pro Controller, Joy-Con, PS5 wireless controller and PS4 wireless controller. It also allows you to customize button layout and add a turbo button to original and 3rd party controllers.

Within the Brook Super Converter, you can use existing as mentioned above controllers to play on your Nintendo Switch/PS4 console and on PC!

- USB interface which permits hot swapping
- Full button compatibility
- Support Turbo, vibration and button mapping.
- Firmware Updatable.
- Support controllers: Nintendo Switch Joy-con/Pro,
Wii U Pro, Wii Classic, Wii Stick, Wii Nunchuk, Wii Taiko, Wiimote, PS4 DualShock 4, PS4 Pro, PS5 DualSense controllers
- Compatible console: Nintendo Switch/PS4/PC (X-Input)

- Due to recent firmware (Nov 2021) of Xbox One controllers, Xbox One controllers are no longer supported.
- Each Brook Controller Adapter can only handle one controller at a time
- Please update to latest firmware before use.
- DO NOT support headset/microphone function which is provided by the controller audio jack.
- For Nintendo Switch, please ensure “Setting > Controller and Sensor > Pro Controller Wired Communication” is “ON”.
- Remap button and turbo function is not available on the Wii Remote wireless controller. However, wired controllers connected via Wii Remote still support this function.
- Support PS5 DualSense controllers (wireless use only, the pairing method is like pairing PS4 controllers) with the latest firmware.
- For a detailed set up instruction and compatibility list, please refer to Brook official website. Subject to Brook's official website

Package Includes:
1 x Brook Super Converter Wii/Wii U/Switch Pro/PS5/PS4 Game Controller to Nintendo Switch/PS4/PC (X-Input)

Product Including Packaging Weight: 89g
Product Including Packaging Size: 17.8*8.5*4.5cm

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