DOBE Twin Pack Drum Stick for Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch OLED Joy-Con Controllers - Red & Blue



  • $2.94


Drum Stick for Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch OLED Joy-Con. Slide the Joy-Con controllers in the drum sticks and enjoy the TAIKO Drum Master Game.



-The Drum Stick specially designed for Switch motion sensing game including TAIKO Drum Master.
-Easy to use, just slide the JoyCon into the panel slot and you are ready to play.
-Twin pack Drum Stick Compatible with Joy Con (R) or Joy Con (L), which perfect fit for both joy con controllers.
-Adjustable wrist straps for added security.
-Ergonomic design suitable for adult / children hand size, Lightweight design provides maximum comfort for long gaming sessions.


Product Including Packaging Weight: 135g
Product Including Packaging Size: 31*6.3*5.3cm

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