Anti-skid Controller Handle Grip Sticker for PS4/Slim/Pro Controller



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- Specially and precisely design for PS4 Controller.
- Provides maximum comfort and support
- Easy to apply. You needn't to take apart of the controller
- Antimicrobial, resistant to oil, grease and water.
- Compatibility: PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro controller.

1. Take out for Anti-skid PS4 CONTROLLER GRIPS out from the packing.
2. Clear your device with soft cloth and ensure there are no dust on the surface of Controller.
3. Align and apply the Anti-Skid Sticker grip.

1.This Controller Grips Anti-Skid Sticker can only be used one time and could not be reused.
2.Controller is NOT included!

Package includes:
1 x Controller Grips Anti-Skid Sticker(Pair)
1 x Alcohol Wipe (wet & dry)
1 x Cleaning Cloth

Product Including Packaging Weight: 42g
Product Including Packaging Size: 21.8*13.9*0.2cm

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