3 In 1 Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush Kit - Black

3 In 1 Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush Kit - Black



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-This vinyl record cleaning brush set come with a velvet brush, a carbon fiber stylus brush and a cleaning brush.
-The velvet brush is made by the soft velvet with large flat surface. Gently remove the dust, dirt and other particles of your vinyl record. The smooth surface of the brush prevents scratching of records.
-The carbon fiber stylus brush diminishes buildup and other contaminants your record stylus got from sitting around to extend stylus lifespan. Also help to eliminate static on your stylus for crisp sounding audio.
-A small cleaning allows to remove the dust and lint on the velvet brush easily.
-All brushes can be stored in the protective acrylic case to prevent dust.
-A great present for any audiophiles and vinyl lovers, keeping precious records in best states helping to maintain their longevity and sound quality. Provide you with a wonderful auditory experience!

NOTE: Please make sure to brush towards your body to prevent damaging.

Package Included:
1 x Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush Set
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