3 In 1 Multifunction Storage Stand for Xbox Series X (KJH-XSX-008)



  • $17.25

- Specially designed for Xbox Series X console. Includes a dual controller charging dock, base stand with 4-port USB2.0 hub and a game disc storage rack.
- Allow you to charge up to two Xbox Series X controllers simultaneously. With LED Indicator, know charging status at a glance. Save power and time.
- Four extra USB ports for added versatility for any of your gaming needs.
- Powered via USB cable from Xbox Series X console.
- Include a 16-slot game disc storage rack.
- Each part is connected through a mobilizable lock. You may add more controller charging stations and/or the CD/DVD storages depends on what you need.

- Input: DC 5V/1A
- Output: 500 mA
- USB Cable Length: 80cm

- USB charger may be required for the charging dock.
- For the USB2.0 hub, we suggest only to connect other USB devices such as a mouse, keyboard, headset and so on, not recommended for charging.
- The mobilizable locks under the Console Stand are both outward. In other words, you CANNOT connect two Console Stands in a row, or even within one group.

Package Includes:
1 x Vertical Stand
1 x Dual Controller Charging Dock
1 x Game Storage Rack
1 x USB Charging Cable

Product Including Packaging Weight: 658g
Product Including Packaging Size: 18*16.1*9.8cm

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